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Automatic Gate Openers, Garage Door Openers and French Window Shuttered Doors

PRESTIGE Product Line

EVE the ultimate, unequal linear swing gate opener


DUCATI's Prestige line offers a  range of selected exclusive gate, garage door openers and access devices that has been designed to meet the desires of those who want an innovative product with unique and stylish Italian design, dressed with the finest and most durable materials.



  • This linear Swing Gate Operator can automate gates up to 5m/16.5ft long wings
  • Ideal for the most demanding swing gate environments
  • Beautiful Italian design
  • Features a Heavy-Duty double-shell cast aluminum Housing with epoxy metallic paint: corrosion resistant housing Telescopic or linear pulling slide versions available
  • Powerful 12/24V DC are ideal to perform in the most demanding applications.
  • Ideal for heavy continuous intensive use in any climate, for residential, commercial or industrial gates
  • DUCO FAST system make you open your gate as quick as ever!. Soft Stop operation extends operator and hardware life for heavy-duty gate use
  • Innovative motion transmission system eliminates the traditional lower slot. Unique anti- hand-crushing system
  • Built-in mechanical limits to stop in open & close position
  • FCA Version comes with LINEAR ENCODER: magnetic limits with micro metric adjustment and visual position indicators. You can easily set the limit position with a useful visual feed-back.
  • UNIQUE: PATENTED encoder data transmission system. By the only 2 motor cable wire, for an easy and quick connection. You only need to connect 2 wires for each actuators! Smart and Easy installation
  • Multi-position stainless-steel fixing bracket
  • Tested to EN norms to meet the most stringent industry guidelines



ARTICO heavy duty articulated arm swing gate opener



  • Beautiful Italian design
  • Compact and stylish design
  • This articulated arm Swing Gate Operator can automate gates up to 3,5m long wings
  • Strong planetary gear reduction give you access to the most impressive of gates.
  • This unique system enables gate automation when the dimensions of a large pillar prevents any other operator from being installed
  • Compact and stylish design
  • The “master” articulated arm includes an on-board electronic panel & integrated battery room
  • Easy and quick installation. can be powered by solar panel to enables a “STAND-ALONE” installation. No extra module needed. Full on-board components
  • Allows great flexibility of installations on large pillars or lightweight and delicate structures as ornamental gates



GEO powerful underground swing gate Opener



  • This underground Swing Gate Operator can automate gates up to 3,5m long wings
  • Installed below grade in a waterproof casing, and protected by a steel access plate that is flush with the driveway surface, it provides an invisible solution.
  • Discreet and aesthetic purity are obtained with this invisible operator, entirely underground
  • Easy installation thanks to the exit lever on the gear motor attached directly on the leaf
  • Comfortable unlocking system protected by special key
  • Can access the operator without removing the leaf
  • Mechanical limits can be added



TOWER high performance luxurious sliding gate opener



  • Ideal for the most demanding sliding gate environments, This Sliding Gate Operator can automate gates up to 1200Kg gates
  • Exclusive and prestigious stainless steel shell
  • This ultimate version offers display to easily set and check an unlimited features and adjustments
  • Heavy-duty residential or commercial gear driven transmission provides unsurpassed reliability.
  • Simple-to-use emergency release handle allows gate to be operated manually.



FLEX top performance powerful garage door opener



  • Ideal for the most demanding garage doors, this wall mounting garage door opener is built to provide maximum power to lift the heaviest doors.
  • Made with innovative features this garage door opener will ensure that your garage is always safe and secure
  • Stylish Italian design combined with our most powerful garage door opener ( up to 120 kg trucking force) Provides reliable, energy efficient performance year after year.
  • With on board battery charger works autonomously in case of power failure. The back-up battery can be stored inside the motor head.
  • You can comfortably access your garage even by black-outs
  • Solar power autonomous use version also available to operate a garage door even where AC power is unavailable.
  • Specifically built for use in Garage Door Openers, our in-house made dc Motors are reliable, durable and powerful.
  • Highly accurate power control, in accordance with applicable European safety standards EN12453 & EN124545 this products has been not only tested but also certified to comply European norms by international notify bodies as INTERTEK, NEMKO & TUV sad
  • Features soft stop for smooth gate movement
  • Features Automatic Reversal system ARS for maximum security.
  • On board Electric limits for closed and open position of the door have an easy adjustment system
  • Easy emergency manual release system is included and can be activated from inside or outside the garage.



BARRIER stylish Italian design driveway automatic rising up barrier




  • Exclusive and prestigious stainless steel shell
  • DC motor powered ensure long lasting performances in any climate.
  • Ideal for heavy duty high traffic driveway.
  • This Automatic Raise Arm Barrier is designed to offer long-term reliability.
  • Providing a smooth consistent operation.
  • Available with arm lengths up to 5.0 meters.
  • Highly accurate power control, in accordance with applicable European safety standards EN12453 & EN124545.



ROLLO commercial/ light industrial roller shutter door opener



  • For spring balanced roller shutters
  • The high working cycle for roller shutters ensures an intensive use and the top reliability will allow a perfect and long lasting functioning.