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Automatic Gate Openers, Garage Door Openers and French Window Shuttered Doors



electric wireless control system for swing shutters and external windows

The easy, autonomous and flexible solution to automate french window's swing shutters and blinds, suitable for any type of wood, aluminum, iron or PVC french window shuttered door.  100% Stand alone system, works powered by integrated battery and is suitable for any window door width, ideal for single-leaf shutters window or double wing window shutters. 

PERSY-ducati-french window opener




Once installed PERSY, you will save time  and conquer the freedom to open or close the shutters of your home without effort. You will not have to squeeze yourself out of the window, to close your shutters. by raining, snowing, or darkening you will not have to worry anymore - you can finally close or open your shutters with just one click! 

Persy-ducati-french window  electric opener



The intelligent solution to automate any pre-existing shutters. Ideal for where there is no specific electrical system provided
You must no longer worry about the laying of specific electrical  cables. 
PERSY, thank's to  it's low consumption system,  is designed to be powered also only by a simple rechargeable battery that provides up to 18 months of power autonomy.
 Stand-by consumption is only 0,0003A
and this ensure long lasting autonomous performances.
In cases of historic buildings or where the cost of an electrical system would discourage anyone from automating their own Persians, PERSY offers a unique, eco-compatible, non-invasive solution at an extremely affordable price.


PERSY can also be powered by  solar panel to provide 
100% autonomous use.
The long and thin solar panel is specifically designed to integrate with discretion on any type of architecture. Make your system self-sustainable and resets the electrical charges on your energy bill. 
persy-sol solar powered french window shuttered door


PERSY keeps your shutter locked with an anti-jam system ensuring your safety.
The integrated anti-theft alarm system protects your home and family, leaving you free to enjoy your time in complete serenity.
Moreover, an integrated sensor guarantees the real closure of the shutter and tells you even if you are not at home.  An alarm is sent to warn.
In the event of burglary, Persy can also be connected and integrate your main alarm system.


Equipped with obstacle detection system in accordance with the European Anti-Pressure Directive EN12453 EN12445 guarantees the safety of use of the whole family.

The system automatically stops the engine when it detects an obstacle.

An emergency manual unlocking system allows you to manually move the shutter at any time.

 persy-dcati safety  auto locking system for your french window shutters



With a footprint of only 8cm, Persy is almost invisible, thus safeguarding the aesthetics of your home. The motors are covered by an adjustable length profile that  integrates with discretion in any architectural structure adapting to any type of shutter. Electronic board, radio-receiver and  power battery are integrated and invisible.
persy ducati automatic opener for french window shuttered doors


You can choose whether to control the opening of your shutters by a wired button or by radio remote control/ or a GSM command from your mobile phone.
PERSY offers 3-shutter position locking system. Open, semi-open, or closed. You can command the position individually or in groups 

An integrated and intelligent system that simplifies your life.

You can enjoy the utmost comfort of home control by also moving several shutters together with a single command. This is the real smart home!


Check and command the shutter's position  from your smartphone.
If you are away from home, you can simulate your presence. You can remotely control the shutters from your phone, smartphone, or through an automatic timer.
Wherever you are, you can manage all your shutters with a simple command.





Persy is the automatic french window shuttered door opener

The comfort to open & close your windor and door shutters automatically is now within everyone's reach.