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Automatic Gate Openers, Garage Door Openers and French Window Shuttered Doors


General ask questions


How much is shipping cost?

Shipping cost are calculated at check-out and are based on express courier delivery. Shipment cost depends on total order weight and

country of delivery. When ordering you can preview the final cost by entering your delivery address and the total amount will be displayed

before you pay. 

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Do you want to have your order loaded by your own courier or wish special quantity delivery (pallet/container)?

please do not hesitate to

Contact us

Do prices include Taxes?

No. taxes are calculated at check-out and are based on Invoicing and delivery address. Italian VAT (22%) is only applied for orders

made within EU counties.Italian VAT is never applied for deliveries outside EU countries but national customs can require you to pay

national import duty. If however this does not answer your question then please do not hesitate to Contact us


What if I want to cancel my order?

No problem: you can cancel your order for any reason within 14 days from purchase. If the product has been delivered on the way to your

door you’ll be asked to return the product, which must be new, complete of all it’s components and in it’s original packaging.

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What if I ordered a wrong product want to exchange with a different model?

No problem: contact us and we’ll arrange the product exchange. Contact us


When will my product be delivered?

90 % of orders are shipped within 24ours from purchase.and delivered within 2-3 days worldwide. you can follow your parcel by logging

in your account. A tracking number is provided and it’s linked to the courier website that will show where’s your order and when it will be

delivered. Login to your account to check your order delivery status

What happens if I’m not available at delivery address?

If you are unavailable at the registered delivery address, Contact us and provide a secondary delivery address where the courier can deliver

too. A phone number is also required by the courier to get in touch with you in case you’re unavailable or if they cannot locate your address.

For further assistance you can also contact the courier directly trough his national support center/hotline and provide them your order’s

tracking number you find the name of the courier and tracking number in your order resume. Just log in into your account to find this



Warning: in case you are unavailable and unreachable for a long time,and the courier is therefore unable to deliver the parcel it might be

shipped back to the seller and shipment costs will be charged to your account. 

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What happens if I entered a wrong delivery address?

Contact us immediately! and provide a correct delivery address. A phone number is also required by the courier to get in touch with you

in case of you’re unavailable or if they cannot locate your address. Contact us


How long are products covered by Manufacture’s Warranty?

Products are covered by limited warranty for a period of 2 years from purchase date. Your warranty starts automatically and order’s data are

stored in our database. You don’t need do fulfill any form neither to keep any document. We take care of warranty claim yo’ll just need to

tell us your name and surname.

What does the manufacturer’s warranty cover?

Any product defect which is due to manufacturing or material defects. In case you have any issue with your product we’ll be happy to solve

it quickly. Most of the problems can be caused by worn wiring, installation or incorrect adjustment: Call or E-mail us

(you can also inquire for a call back) we’ll first have few questions that will help us identifying the most probable cause of your problem.

If we cannot solve it by phone and confirm the problem comes from a product defect we’ll immediately replace or repair the defective

component. According to the type of component we’ll tell you if you have to ship back the product for repair or further analyst.

In most cases we try to avoid having the part black to ensure quicker solution. We take care of our customer until they’re satisfied with the

product purchased!

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What happens if I Have a problem with my Product?

Our customer’s satisfaction is our first goal. If you have any questioner problem before, during or after installing your opener,

just contact us and we’ll provide you competent help until your 100% happiness. Do not hesitate to contact us 7/24h

Am i sure I'll get competent customer support in English even by purchasing directly from an Italian Company?

For sure we provide phone & e-mail customer care and technical support in English as well as in many other languages tutorial videos and

instruction manuals also comes in English.